Modular Electrical Buildings

Modular Electrical Buildings contain purpose-built, integrated power distribution systems for mission-critical facilities and infrastructure.  These single or multi-story, free-standing modules are temperature-controlled and weatherproof.

Electrical Room Modules

Electrical Room Modules incorporate the structural components and enclosures necessary to support electrical systems/equipment, interconnecting pathways and circuits.

Power Delivery Modules

Power Delivery Modules are fully integrated and tested electrical distribution and critical power systems, inverters, drives, and associated control equipment.

Systems Room Modules

Systems Room Modules house networked voice, video, and data communications as well as security, life safety, public address, building automation, controls, and integration technologies.

Electronic Security Systems

Prefabricated electronic security wall fields, panels, field enclosures, and camera integrations are pre-tested, packed, labeled, and ready for a seamless installation.

Life Safety Panels & Assemblies

Prefabricated panels and assemblies for fire alarm, fire protection, and life safety systems streamline installation and integration for effective emergency response.

Control Panels & Assemblies

Industrial control panels, including interface terminals and UL 508A certified equipment, are pre-wired, programmed, commissioned, and ready for seamless integration for a wide variety of applications.

Hot Aisle Containment Systems (HACS)

Custom hot aisle containment systems (doors, barriers, and ductwork) separate hot and cold airflow in data centers to keep equipment safe and operating effectively.

Modular Risers

Multi-story, prefabricated risers contain feeder cable and conduit to carry power to generators, mechanical equipment, and control systems.

  • Modular Conveyances

    We deliver underground and overhead assemblies, modular electric feeders, and other conveyance systems.

  • Integrated Assemblies

    Our custom, integrated assemblies include modular walls and doors, temporary power and lighting, battery systems, and more.

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